1. imaginacres

    We just got our first English Angora rabbit a week ago. Her personality is wonderful and she makes a lovely pet that also produces wool for us! I can’t wait to dye it and spin it into yarn. Some day we’ll have alpacas and goats, but living in the city we have to make do with the space we have!


  2. 5/3/2013

    At the Fancy Fibers Farm, we raise Angora goats, Suri alpacas, and Shetland sheep specifically for their fiber. Then we send the fiber to the mill to be turned into roving for hand spinners and yarn for everyone else. We also teach classes in spinning, weaving, and dyeing, and love to dye our own fiber and yarn. Each year we travel to fiber festivals around the southern U.S. to sell our fiber and yarn. We also offer a CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) for people who would like to support our family farm. I hope some of your readers will come see us and purchase our products as we travel around this summer and fall. You can see our travel schedule and find out more about our farm on our website: http://www.FancyFibers.com.

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