Welcome To Chalkboard Thoughts

We all have a lot on our minds. On our plates. And in our lives. With all that going on, there are lots of things we’re all thinking about. Chalkboard Thoughts is a place to share ideas and information about things from all areas of our lives. We’ll talk about eating better, working better, and living better. And everything in between.

Please join us on this journey. Let us know what you think about the topics we post on. And please feel free to contact us with any ideas or feedback you have. You can always reach us at chalkboardthoughts@eastonworks.com.

You may wonder why our opening page shows a picture of apple blossoms. Well, it’s pretty simple. It’s a beautiful picture. And we wanted to share. We planted a new apple tree last fall so we’re looking forward to seeing its new blossoms pop open in a few weeks. We’re very grateful for all the new growth this spring is bringing.